Taff Embankment

Taff Embankment


Taff Embankment Garden Village was built in the 1970’s and majority of the properties are flats, with some houses and bungalows.

Currently the front boundaries and communal garden areas are ‘knee-high’ timber rails which are in a poor condition or broken, paving areas are in need of repair and residents do not have anywhere to store their waste bins.


The plan we have on display identifies the range of works being proposed and how individual properties will be affected.

The works that we are suggesting include:

·         Installing new steel boundary fencing  
·         Securing entrances to rear courtyards with new wooden fencing and gates
·         Improving front gardens and forecourts with a combination of new paving and grassed areas
·         Identified spaces for bin storage
·         Specific footpath works to assist mobility
·         New traffic bollards


Whats Happening Now? - Update

The Council’s Neighbourhood Regeneration Team has been working to develop an initial design proposal to share with residents, in order that they may have the opportunity to comment before the scheme is fully designed and implemented.

After carrying out consultations in the area all resident feedback is to be reviewed for consideration. If you have any questions or queries concerning the proposal please contact us below.


Taff Embankment Garden Village

Taff Embankment Garden Village

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