Arnold Avenue and Bronte Crescent Environmental Improvement Scheme


Cardiff Council identified Arnold Avenue and Bronte Crescent as a priority for an environmental improvement scheme. We worked to develop an initial design proposal which was shared with residents, in order for them to comment before the scheme was fully designed and delivery began.

In summary, the proposals taken forward and work being carried out includes:

Footpath resurfacing with new feature paving banding strips.

New footpath vehicular crossovers for houses.

Road resurfacing.

The introduction of carriageway features - raising the height of key junctions within the estate to promote pedestrian safety.

New front boundary walls and railings for the houses.

Front & rear boundary improvements to the flats – to provide clear garden boundaries for each flat.

New pathways leading to the flat entrances.

 • Re-paint the railings to the bungalows.

Latest Update

Work commenced on site with the principal Contractor, Centergreat in January 2020 and the scheme is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2021. 

So far, the front boundaries to all houses and bungalows have been completed; footpaths have been surfaced; the first pedestrian crossing has been installed; and two blocks of flats have received new front and rear boundary improvements.

Please see the images below.

Arnold Avenue / Bronte Crescent

Arnold Avenue and Bronte Crescent Leaflet

Arnold Avenue and Bronte Crescent Consultation Panel

Arnold Avenue and Bronte Crescent Exhibition Panel 2