Community Shopping Centre Regeneration

Community Shopping Centre Regeneration

Community shopping centres have an important and broad ranging role at the heart of local communities, providing shops, businesses, services, and community facilities within accessible distances to where people live.

District Centres Strategy

The Strategy has been prepared to:

  • raise the profile of district centres within Cardiff;
  • provide a framework and justification for the preparation of individual Action Plans for priority district centres;
  • act as a reference point for coordinated working between service providers;
  • act as a mechanism for attracting inward investment and securing funding;
  • provide additional guidance to support other Council policies relating to district centres;
  • contribute to the development of sustainable neighbourhoods.

Local Shopping Centres

Local Shopping Centres have been surveyed and prioritised for investment based on a number of factors including:

  • The condition of the local centre;
  • the level of deprivation in the area surrounding the centre;
  • the availability of alternative shopping facilities.

A number of local centres have now been regenerated.