Estate Regeneration

Housing Estate Regeneration

The estate regeneration programme focusses on delivering schemes which enhance the environment of housing estates throughout the city. The aim is to create safer and more attractive communities, improve the quality of life for residents to live in, and to promote pride in the community and respect for the environment. 

Project schemes are tailored to address specific issues and concerns, which may include:

• Redesigning estate environment to help reduce crime.
• On plot parking and boundary wall improvements.
• Gulley closures or gating of rear gullies.
• Improvements to courtyards of flats including the provision of new bin stores and drying facilities.
• Improving open spaces, pavements and lighting.

Such improvements aim to tackle:

• Community safety issues – reduce crime
• Poor quality street environments
• Inadequate parking, and waste storage areas for flats.
• Better boundary definition between public spaces and private gardens.