Alley Gating Schemes Under Investigation: Resident Consultation

Cardiff Council is investigating a number of alley gating proposals at various locations throughout the City

For a scheme to be progressed further, it must first be demonstrated that the proposal is well supported by the residents, businesses and owners of properties directly adjoining the lane. It is also important at this stage that we understand how the lane is used to access these adjoining properties so we can ensure gating can meet legal requirements and/or is in the Council’s best interest.

Only residents or owners of properties that are directly connected/adjoining the affect lanes are invited to participate at this stage. If it is found that the proposal is viable, it will be progressed to the legal stages of the process, which will give the adjoining residents, owners and the wider community an opportunity to make formal representations to the Council at that time. Any representations received during the legal stages will be formally considered before a final decision on gating is reached.

 If you have recently received a letter from us about this, or have become aware of a gating proposal to a lane adjoining a property that you own or occupy, then we would like to hear your views. Please note that each consultation is only open for a limited time. Please click on the proceed button below to complete the survey questionnaire.  Click here for more information, or contact us at

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